How We Work

Integrative Design

As architects and businessmen we sometimes wear two hats. We believe strongly in outstanding design and elegant design solutions, but at the same time take great pride in delivering to the client a valuable and significant return on their investment. In a sense, as a commercial practice, you wouldn’t survive if your were not able to provide both, it’s how you balance the two requirements and the degree of return, for the client, but also for the community, that sets BUJ apart from many others.


33+ years of expertise

BUJ Architects has over three decades of experience in designing and constructing large and medium scale architectural projects, urban planning and master planning. We have established, both in the UK and internationally, a strong reputation in regeneration areas, where some of our buildings have formed the cornerstone of new urban centres, attracting residents and businesses and setting the architectural tone for subsequent developments. We aim to deliver architecture that has a clear identity, which acknowledges its context, where appropriate, as well as its commitment to an inclusive, user-friendly and sustainable environment. The practice is not wedded to any particular style or philosophy, but has evolved over its lifetime to reflect current critical thinking in the world of architecture, construction and the arts.

Responsive + Social Design

BUJ Architects understand these social forces, aiming to confront them through our designs and to make them tangible to society’s preoccupations at any given time. For this reason, our practice has consciously decided not to adhere to or promote a formal recognised style. That is not to say of course that we do not have a recognisable style, because inevitably a style will evolve from within the design process and lines of thought that the principals promote through internal debate and example. BUJ’s buildings, respond to their setting, trying to push the boundaries of what is possible, while at the same time push the boundaries of what our clients believe to be both possible and acceptable in a commercial residential market. These things that should be realised are not always design led and it is the skill of the practice that allows design related and commercial forces to be reconciled to the satisfaction of our clients, the local planning authority’s and a host of other interested parties.


Our Clients

As a practice, we have spent the last 33 years quietly getting on with fulfilling our clients’ aspirations. With a stimulating variety of residential, hotel and mixed use developments, and a steady inflow of repeat business and word of mouth recommendations.

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